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Amigopays mission

Bank cards issuance and worldwide payments service

We are here to help you with getting one-time digital European bank cards for paying for any services and products. You can buy a virtual European card with crypto (USDT TRC20). The fee calculator is at the top of the website.

Also, we can help you with international remittances all over the world. We accept cryptocurrencies and after that we send cash.

Why should you choose us?

Difference from our competitors

Affordable prices

Our fee is the lowest on the internet

Payment methods

We issue a virtual card or pay by ourselves


We are always online, so the process will take less than 10 minutes

Our managers will do their best to help you

How it works

Simple process to receive a digital card or transfer money

Step 1

Make the order via Telegram-bot

Step 2

Send USDT to our cryptocurrency wallet

Step 3

We send you virtual bank card

How Can We Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about us

  • Less than $40 fee is 30%
  • More than $40 and less than $150 fee is 25%
  • More than $150 and less than $500 fee is 20%
  • More $500 - 15%

The minimal fee is $5. The fee calculator is at the top of the website.

  • 1. Make a transfer of the required amount to our cryptocurrency wallet
  • 2. Send us the screenshot or hash of the transaction to
  • 3. We'll send you digital bank card (16-digits, validaty MM/YY, CVV)

We guarantee a 100% refund if there is a problem with the payment or with the card and there will be no debiting from our bill. The funds will be returned to the same crypto wallet from which you paid.

We can do SWIFT transfers all over the world. You send cryptocurrency to our wallet and we send funds via SWIFT. Also, we can accept SWIFT transfers from any country and send you crypto.